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Doha City Guide in Qatar


Doha is the capital of the state of Qatar, an Arab emirate in the Middle East. It is a bustling city on the move, always looking to the future. Situated on the eastern side of the state and facing the Persian Gulf, Doha has a variety of different neighbourhoods ranging from modest to rich, each with a distinct feel to them, but all filled with friendly and hospitable people.


The Corniche

The Corniche is the stretch of promenade that runs along Doha's crescent-shaped bay. It's an attractive area filled with parks, fountains and stately government buildings – no doubt one of the best places for photos. Rumeila Park (also known as Al Bidda) is one of the seaside highlights here. Along the Corniche is also where all the new skyscrapers are being built, each one flashier and taller than the last, each contributing to Doha's growing cosmopolitan skyline. A few blocks from the eastern end of the Corniche, near the main port, visitors can peruse the many souks (markets) for souvenirs and brush up on their bargaining skills. A stroll along the waterfront is quite the pleasant experience, especially during sunset.

West Bay

Thanks to Doha's forward-thinking mindset, the commercial hub of the city is slowly but surely expanding to this area of town. The name "West Bay" is a bit misleading, as this neighbourhood is actually due north of the central part of Doha. This is where many of the most upscale residences and hotels are located, such as the InterContinental, Grand Hyatt and Ritz-Carlton. And because most of the city's nightclubs are located inside those hotels, this is also a happening area for nightlife. The Doha Golf Club, one of the few golf courses in the city, can be found here, along with The Pearl - a multi-billion dollar man-made island just offshore, where more five-star hotels, luxury residences, retail shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities are currently being built. The West Bay also includes the "Diplomatic Area" - a micro-neighborhood jutting out on a peninsula at the northern end of the Corniche. The name refers to the foreign embassies located here, but there are also many nice hotels in the area, including the Four Seasons, W Doha Hotel and the Sheraton Doha Resort & Convention Centre.

Central Doha

Central Doha is really just an all-encompassing term that refers to the many neighbourhoods or districts within Ring Roads A through D (circular roads that expand concentrically from the centre of the city outwards). These neighbourhoods pretty much only differ in name and location. They all have a variety of middle-of-the-road hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. It's a little grittier here than in the resort neighbourhoods along the waterfront, but there's a lot to explore, and more attractions can be reached on foot compared to say, in the West Bay. The Ramada Plaza Hotel is located in this neighbourhood, and it's an extremely popular nightlife spot thanks to the many bars and clubs located on its grounds.

Al Sadd

Al Sadd is a nice commercial area where visitors can take their pick from a large amount of upscale malls and shopping centres. There are also a number of boutique hotels here, such as the five-star Millennium Hotel and La Cigale, so for those who wish to get away from the touristy Corniche and West Bank but still want fine shopping, dining, and accommodation options, this is a good place to go. Al Sadd is located on the western side of the city, just outside C Ring Road and loosely bordered by Al Sadd Street.

East Doha

This area along the waterfront and east of Doha's port has some nice resorts with beach access, including the Sharq Village & Spa and the Marriott. Although none are really within walking-distance to any major attractions (except the beach), they are still only a short cab ride to the Corniche or downtown. An advantage to staying here is the close proximity to the airport.





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