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Bringing Pets

Expatriates may bring their pets with them to Qatar but most companies will NOT reimburse employees for the cost of shipment of pets as part of the household goods shipment allowance. Employees who desire to ship pets should familiarize themselves with the cost, customs, quarantine restrictions, and requirements for bringing animals into Qatar.

You must ask your sponsor to obtain an import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture on your behalf. In order to obtain this – you must provide a valid health certificate produced by a government-approved veterinary clinic at the point of origin, together with a copy of your pet's vaccination record. The health certificate may not be dated earlier than two weeks prior to the date of the animals' arrival in Qatar . Application forms should be readily available through your sponsoring employer, the offices at the Ministry of Agriculture on Airport Road or through your Pet Relocation assisting party.

Note: Rabies is not present in Qatar; however dogs and cats being imported are required to be vaccinated against it.

An easier option is to have your animal brought in through the services of an experienced Pet Relocator, in which case they will generally require you to provide them with the animals documentation (as above), along with a photograph of your pet, plus copies of your passport and the airway bill or flight details, they should then be able to obtain the necessary permit within two weeks.

Animals can travel with their owners on the same flight as an accompanied pet, or separately as a cargo pet. Generally they are released immediately after customs clearance. It is important to note that airlines have their own procedures with regards to the carriage of animals in the hold – their traveling containers have to meet international IATA standards, which are stringent to ensure to well being of animals on board. It is a good idea to consult with a Pet Relocator who can best advise on travel procedures and airlines with a good handling record of animals in their care.

Most cats are allowed into the country, but some breeds of dog are prohibited, namely; Boxers, Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Great Danes and Dobermans.

In Qatar a selection of food stuffs, feeding bowls, cat litter and litter trays and other equipment can be found in most large super markets and "Pet Shops". In addition to this, animal beds and personalised towels, blankets and bags are available.





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