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Maids in Qatar (Domestic Help)

One of the advantages of living in the Middle East is the ease with which you can hire someone to help you with your household chores. The majority of expat families in Doha have domestic help.

There are a few agencies that can assist you to find a live-in housemaid. The advantage of using an agency is that, if for some reason your maid does not work out, they will send her back to her home country and provide you with a replacement at no extra cost, as long as it is within six weeks. Agencies also sort out all of the visa procedures, which can be daunting if you try to do it on your own.

If you would like to hire a housemaid, you have to get a no objection letter from your sponsor. Single men may not have a live-in maid and a no objection letter will only be given once the spouse has her Residence Visa. Once the no objection letter has been issued, you can start the residence visa procedure, medical testing and fingerprinting of the maid. Once the visa has been issued you are responsible for your maid's welfare and behaviour.

Alternatively, you could find a maid through word of mouth. Some expat families advertise a vacancy for a maid in the local newspaper. When expats are leaving, they often advertise their maid's qualities in order to help her find a new job. This is a useful way of finding someone with good references.

Domestic Help Agencies

Al Baidha Cleaning Co

Jassim Decoration & Services

Rose Services & General Cleaning Company

A maid's salary often depends on her nationality. Filipinos are usually paid between QR 1,500 and QR 1,800 per month, while Sri Lankan and Indian ladies tend to be paid between QR 800 and QR 1,200 per month. Most expats will subsidise the housemaid's pay by buying food and clothing.

If you live on a compound, finding someone to look after your children will be easy. There may be several live-in maids who want to earn extra money or teenagers who may be interested in babysitting. Most expats don't mind their maid helping out if they don't need her themselves. Some of the domestic help agencies also offer a babysitting service.

There are mother and baby groups that may be able to help you with childcare options. Some of the nurseries accept young babies. Most ex pats have maids who look after their children if the need arises. Most maids do not have formal qualifications, but may have experience with children from a previous job. Many housemaids have children of their own, but have left them in their own country while they earn money in Qatar. It may be possible to get a professional child carer who has come to Doha with her husband, but generally there isn't a demand for them as people can get the services of a maid for a lot less than they would have to pay a nanny. If you insist on having a professional nanny, an option would be to bring one over from your home country. Hotels offer babysitting if you fancy a night away at one of the many hotels in Qatar.





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