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Flora & Fauna in Qatar

In a country with such an arid climate, the variety of flora and fauna in Qatar is somewhat limited. Much of the country consists of sand dunes, rocky hills, gravel plains and expanses of sabkha (salt flats) with little or no vegetation. Qatar has no rivers or lakes, although after heavy rainfall water may gather in wadis. There are some greener areas with plants, grasses, flowers, shrubs and trees (mostly acacia trees and lycium bushes) and after a spell of rain a previously barren stretch of desert can spring to life. There are also coastal wetland areas, with extensive mangrove woodlands.

Creatures that may be encountered in the wild include the Ethiopian hedgehog, the Arabian red fox, jirds, jerboas, and various species of reptiles including snakes, geckos, and the spiny-tailed lizard (or dhab). Qatar also has a number of resident and migratory bird species, including gulls, cormorants, herons, flamingos, egrets and terns. A number of uninhabited offshore islands act as important breeding grounds for birds.





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