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Qatar Driving License


Qatari residents must carry a valid Qatari driving licence. GGC State Nationals are permitted to use their National Driving Licenses. As a visitor (other nationals) to Qatar, your national driving licence is acceptable for seven days from your date of arrival in the country. If you wish to rent a car for longer than the seven days (but do not intend to take up permanent residence) you will require a temporary driving license.

If you are keen to drive during your first few months in Qatar, it is worth obtaining an International Licence before you get here. An International Driving License is valid for 6 months from the date of your arrival in Qatar.

Getting a driving license depends on what country you are from. Citizens from most western countries such as Canada and the U.K. can change their drving licenses for Qatari ones. Other nationalities have to do a driving test which is actually quite difficult. In most cases the procedure for issuing a local licence just includes an eye test and a simple written test. However, it is necessary to hold a residence permit in order to apply for a Qatari driving licence.

The Procedure

Temporary Driving License

The following items are required for a Temporary Driver's license (TDL):

a) Original driver’s license from home country.
b) Eye examination.
c) Process fees QR156 (about $45).
d) Four personal photos (with eye glasses, if required).
e) Copy of Passport

An appointment for the eye examination will be set up for you by the HR Department and you will
be informed of the time and date for the appointment.

Permanent Driver’s License

Converting the Temporary Driver's License to a Permanent Driver's License requires the following:

a) Temporary Driver’s License (TDL).
b) Two photos.
c) Copy of Passport and Residence Permit.
d) Process fees of QR156 (about $45).





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