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Utilities in Qatar

Electricity & Water

Qatar has a reliable domestic electricity and water supply. Kahramaa (Qatar Electricity & Water Corporation) is the sole distributor of water and electricity. When you rent accommodation make sure the electricity and water are connected before you move in. This is easily done if your company or the real estate agency hasn’t connected it.

To set up a new account you’ll need a Kahramaa application form, a copy of the lease for your accommodation, as well as a copy of your Qatari ID, your contact number, mailing address, and the electricity and water reference number for your unit. This can generally be found outside your unit on the utility box, and the landline number assigned to your house will be on the exterior door frame.

In the summer, expect higher utility bills because of the rise in heat and corresponding increase in air-conditioning costs. To lower the costs of utilities try to cool only those spaces in your dwelling that you are directly occupying. Most houses and even apartments have room-specific A/C units – so turn off the unit in the kitchen if you are in the living room, bedroom or dining room.

Both electricity and water are metered. Expatriates living in Qatar have reported that the sending out of bills is erratic and that they are often based on estimated readings, so people generally check their own meters as a safeguard. Bills are sent out every month. For the first five months the bills are estimates and from the sixth month an actual meter reading will be taken. This is known as a reconciliation bill and is generally higher than the estimates. Apartment bills tend to be between QR200 and QR400 and villas tend to be between QR800 and QR1,000.

You can pay your bill online at, by telephone, at any of the banks in Doha, or at a Customer Service Centre.

The voltage in Qatar is 240 volts and the sockets are of the three-pin type, although most appliances you buy will have two-pin plugs, so stock up on adaptors.

Tap water is safe to drink, but most expatriates drink mineral water, which you can either buy from the supermarket in boxes or have delivered to your residence in five-gallon bottles. The five-gallon bottles can either be used with a water cooler or a pump.

Water Suppliers

Al Manhal
Tel: 460-3332

Rayan Mineral Water Co.
Tel: 487-7662

Safa International


There is no mainline gas in Qatar, so if you have a gas cooker, you will have to use gas cylinders that will be delivered to your residence. The gas cylinders cost QR140 for the first time and then QR35 for a refilled cylinder. It can be fairly difficult to get the gas from the trucks delivering the cylinders as they do not carry mobiles. This means you must listen carefully for them and catch their attention as they drive past. If you live in a compound, your security or maintenance will organise it for you.

Gas Suppliers

Ahmed Al Rayes Gas
Tel: 465-1555

Mashahdi Gas Co.
Tel: 442-3016





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