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Taxi & Bus Services in Qatar


Getting around by taxi can be difficult, mainly due to a lack of available vehicles during peak times. Unless one has just dropped a passenger off in your locality you are unlikely to be able to hail a cab from the roadside. The national taxi company, Karwa, runs the entire taxi fleet, and while it plans to reduce waiting times to a maximum of 20 minutes during peak times, introduce more taxis and construct more taxi ranks around Doha, for now the number of cabs on the street remains inadequate.

The best option to grab yourself a cab is to go to where they congregate, which is at most of the malls and five star hotels. You can also hire a taxi by calling 4458-8888 or from one of the taxi ranks around Doha, but the response time is a minimum of 45 minutes, and sometimes it may not arrive at all.

The current standing charge is QR4, with a day rate charge of QR1.20 per km and a night charge of QR1.80 per km. Charges for travelling outside of town are QR1.80. The standing charge from the airport is QR18.

Although Karwa is a monopoly, another option are the limousine services. These tend to cost even more than taxis, but if you need to use one on a regular basis, arrangements can usually be made with the limousine companies. The vehicles vary from genuine luxury cars to ordinary family saloons. Most five and four star hotels also operate their own fleets of genuine limousines, which are more expensive.

Limousine Companies

Al Watan Limousine
Tel: 4447-7999

Doha Limousine
Tel: 4483-9999

Elite Limousine
Tel: 4442-6184

Fox Limousines
Tel: 4462-2777

Mustafawi Limousine
Tel: 4467-1007

Qatar Limousine
Tel: 4486-8688

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