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Bringing Vehicle into Qatar

It is of course possible to import a car into Doha, but there are a couple of rules that must be complied with. Firstly, the car must be less than five years old, and secondly a tax of about 4% will be levied, based on its estimated value, if you have no documented proof of its value. To import a car from another GCC country you will have to obtain export registration plates in the original country. There is then a procedure to be followed with the Traffic Police involving inspection and paperwork checks before you can obtain Qatari plates. You won’t be able to use the car until you are officially a Qatar resident. Importing by sea is expensive, there will be delays with customs at Doha Port and you will have to appoint a clearance agent, but importing across a land border is simpler and a little cheaper.

If you are bringing a car from further afield, do ensure that it is a model and specification sold in Qatar, and be aware that some models built for the Gulf have additional engine cooling water capacities to help them cope with the hot summer weather.

Cars are relatively cheap in Qatar so unless you have a very specific reason for importing one, you may find that it is easier to sell it and buy another one when you arrive. If you are really set on importing, do enquire at the Madinat Khalifa Traffic Police first.





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